20 Oct 2019

Bill's Dev Weekly Y2019#43

Dev weekly

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Words To You

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. —William James

Soft Skills

[1] unix playstation: To master unix command through interactive games, and it’s interesting.

[2] stackoverflow for teams: I think it’s really good to recommend to each technical team. It helps you to find the right answer accurately and quickly.

Technical Posts

[1] Multi-thread analysis: Three metrics to evaluate your multi-thread app are: 1, performance scaling; 2, CPU utilization; 3, synchronization overhead.

[2] pub-sub VS. observable pattern: The main difference between these two is that, in pub-sub pattern, the publisher and subcriber will never know about the existence of one another.

Useful Tools

[1] awesome: A collection of tools and e-books, categorized according to different techinal stack, or languages, and it’s still under continous update.

[2] vimium: It’s a Chrome extension which provides keyboard shortcuts for navigating and control in the spirit of Vim editor, and it’s really cool. Highly recommended!

[3] nbobservable: A light-weight implemention of observable pattern in cpp.

[4] hyperfine: A command-line benchmarking tool. Thanks to this tool, I begin to realize that ‘fd’ runs nearly 10x faster than default ‘find’ command.