13 Oct 2019

Bill's Dev Weekly Y2019#42

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Words To You

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, is then not an act, but a habit. —Will Durant

Soft Skills

[1] Programmers: You snooze, You win: Your sleep quality matter far more than technical skills, such as TDD, agile, when talking about how to code more effectively.

[2] 6 famous rewrite stories in IT field: Netscape lost its ground to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer owning to a rewrite started from 1998. In stark contrast to Netscape’s experience, Microsoft succeeded in building an active opensource community around VS Code. You need to strike a balance betwen rewrite and reuse. Remember that what you have create has value.

Technical Posts

[1] Statistics for Engineers: This article has presented some visualization techniques applied widely in IT applications.

[2] If you aren’t prepared for embarrass yourself, you will never win: Don’t be afraid how stupid others may judge you, just do yourself. If you want do something but people are telling you that you’re embarrassing yourself, just forget it.

Useful Tools

[1] ShadowsocksX-NG: Next generation of shadowsocks, a rewrite version.