07 Oct 2019

Bill's Dev Weekly Y2019#41

Dev weekly

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Words To You

Be in it for the journey, not the destination.

Soft Skills

[1] How to take an interview: This is a list of questions to help you find the most out of a tech job and the company. Ask yourself what you care the most before accepting an offer.

[2] How architect works in large-scale company: Simple and clean architecture is the best.

Technical Posts

[1] Algorithms written in C++: Many algorithms and common data structures are implemented here.

[2] Design patterns in C++: Common design patterns are described here. You can bookmark it and use as a reference book.

Useful Tools

[1] git-quick-stats: A simple and efficient way to access various statistics in your git repository.

[2] navi: An interactive cheatsheet tool for command-line based on natural language.