02 Sep 2019

Bill's Dev Weekly #36

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Words To You

No matter what obstacles you face, you first need to get deep with knowing you — your strengths, your values, your comfort zones, your blind spots, and your biases. When you fully understand yourself, you’ll know where your true north lies.

Sited from Managing Yourself: How to Calibrate Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses, by Julie Zhuo

Soft Skills

[1] How to be less reactive and more proactive: Don’t be a fire-fighting man in your daily work.

[2] Take notes using Gitbook: You can build your own knowledge notebook or technical wiki, and share to others.

Technical Posts

[1] Things You Didn’t Know About GNU Readline: GNU Readline is an unassuming little software library that helps. You can congiure custom inputrc to allign with your preferences, and you may find great improvement of efficiency.

[2] A primer on Bezier curves: The most comprehensive tutorial I have ever seen.

Useful Tools

[1] enhanced-github: An useful Chrome extention to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to clipboard.

[2] octotree: Navigate Github repo with ease, and many many more.