25 Aug 2019

Bill's Dev Weekly #35

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Words To You

Most things you worry about will actually not happen.

Soft Skills

[1] How to manage up effectively with your boss: To have a better relationship with your boss is of utmost importance. These 5 aspects - sharing progress, uncover work preferences, building both trust and rapport, clarifying expectations and sharing feedback - are things you can experiment.

[2] Talk to strangers, and you may profit from it.: When you talk to strangers, you are making beautiful interruptions to the expected narrative of your daily live, and theirs.

[3] Nobody really owns product work: Collaborative software work is egalitarian. It does’t matter who did what, as long as the team is collectively accomplishing something greater than any one person could have done alone.

Technical Posts

[1] Not all technical debts are evils.: Scaffolding will help you adjust the order in which you build parts of your application, and verify if the core risky components meet the requirements well. Hardcoding does the right thing with the simplest method. And remember that fixing all the edge cases comes at a high cost and is impossible.

[2] bash bible: A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes.

[3] (!) operator in Linux commands: The “!” symbol or operator is an usefull existence, which could assist you to do many tasks effectively.

Useful Tools

[1] fuck: Correct your typo errors in previous console commands. Fucking damn usefull.